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‘He’s The Copy’: Didier Drogba’s Funny Reply To IShowSpeed Asking if He Is Paul Pogba’s Dad

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Didier Drogba, IShowSpeed. (X)

The streamer then asked Drogba if he was Pogba’s dad after a charity game, to which the Ivorian jested ‘I’m the original, he’s the copy’ in a cheeky reply.

Popular American YouTuber IShowSpeed has sent the internet into a frenzy once again after asking former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba if he was Paul Pogba’s father.

Several football stars and social media influencers, including Speed, Drogba, Kaka and Eden Hazard recently participated in the ‘Match for Hope’ fixture in Qatar. The match was understood to have been aimed towards generating funds for children having no access to schooling or education.

After the match came to an end, Speed could be seen approaching Drogba before giving him a tight hug. The streamer then asked him, “Are you Pogba’s dad?”. The Ivorian promptly denied being the FIFA World Cup winner’s dad but then went on to make a hilarious joke. “I’m the original, he’s the copy”, Drogba cheekily replied but then added that Pogba was his ‘bro’. Speed then hugged and thanked Drogba for the match by saying, “Good game man!”

In the same conversation, IShowSpeed can also be seen getting issued with a ‘race’ challenge from Drogba. Towards the end of the conversation, Drogba could be seen asking Speed how fast he was. The streamer was confident in his reply as he tossed out the number ‘99’. Hearing the figure, Drogba got excited and said that the duo should race one day. Speed, who is always up for a challenge, said that they should race then and there. The duo then shared a chuckle and walked away.

IShowSpeed’s interaction with Drogba was certainly not his biggest highlight of the night. There were two major moments that the American streamer was involved in on the night. Speed had faced some backlash during the match for tackling Ballon d’Or-winning former Brazilian footballer Kaka, from behind. With the score being at 2-2 and less than half an hour left on the clock, Speed felt that it would be a good idea to stop the FIFA World Cup winner by bringing him down.

While the move was not appreciated by the fans, it seemingly was not legal in the referee’s eyes either. Despite the streamer’s continued protests, he was issued a yellow card by the match official. In another moment, Speed messed up a brilliant pass from Eden Hazard, failing to score for his team. The match eventually ended in a 7-5 win for Team Chukz over Team Aboflah.

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